Term 2 Parking Reminders



The matter of car parking is one that comes up regularly and causes angst for many. Carparking is an issue in almost every school community and one that schools have to work locally to manage. It is important for you all to know that our car parking facilities are actually better than most school communities in built up areas. 

The beginning and end of the school day are busy times for pedestrians and vehicles outside schools.  Parking signs are planned with your child’s safety in mind. 

It is helpful for everyone if you park safely, even if you have to walk further to the school gate.  This is a good time to model positive road safety behaviour and physical activity for your child.  Perhaps avoid the busiest time in the afternoon by arriving 10 minutes later than bell time.  The carpark will be clear and parking will be available.

No Parking Zones on Sunderland Drive:

A reminder to all parents driving their children to school, the school side of of Sunderland Drive is designated a Loading Zone – Passengers 2 mins max. (7.00-9.00am & 2.00-4.00pm).

Under this ruling you are permitted to stop, drop off or pick up within the 2 minute timeframe of the car stopping (ie., drop and go). You must not leave your car.

Bus Lane:

The sign at the start of the bus lane states Buses Only.  Please do not use this lane for dropping off or picking up students.  

Parking on the school grounds:

Parents and caregivers are prohibited from parking on the school grounds at any time. Only parents with school issued parking permits have permission to use the turnaround adjacent to the admin/SEU block. This turn circle area is “drop and go” area only and is not to be used for parking.

Parking is not permitted in the staff carpark under any circumstances.  Parking in this area is at a premium and our staff often find it difficult to get a park.

Disabled Parking:

Disabled parking is provided in the main carpark at the front of the school.  Staff disabled parking has been allocated within the staff carpark for school staff.  This is for staff use only.

After Hours:

Helping Hand Parents are permitted to use the access road to the after hours care building before 7am and after 4pm only.  Parents of band students must not enter the school grounds before 4pm.

Please be aware that Police patrol all these areas

Offending vehicles and drivers may be fined  - $100 fine and the loss of 3 demerit points

Our students' safety is of paramount importance.

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Last reviewed 17 May 2019
Last updated 17 May 2019