School Invoicing and BPOINT


​We wish to advise that BPOINT is now the preferred payment method for all student invoices at Queensland State Schools. BPOINT is a secure online payment portal supported by the Commonwealth Bank which enables parents and caregivers to pay the school via credit card or debit card.

On the bottom of each invoice and/or statement that you receive, the BPOINT payment method symbol will be displayed with a website link for you to visit and process your secure online payment.

You do not need to register for BPOINT, you simply visit the link detailed below and enter your CRN (customer reference number listed on all invoices and monthly statements), invoice number (detailed on monthly statements), student name and exact invoice amount. It is important that only one invoice is paid at a time so that payments can be matched to the invoice in our system.

Please note: If you wish to pay an amount and you do not have the invoice number, just enter the activity reference provided on the activity letter (eg. SRS, SWIM, DANCE, etc) and we can manually match your payment to the corresponding invoice.

BPOINT will issue you with a payment confirmation that you can email to yourself after making the payment.

Payments will process overnight and will appear in the school’s bank account within 24 hours of making a payment. The school will receive a daily report detailing those who have made a payment.

You may still pay by cheque, cash, EFTPOS, or credit card via the payment window each morning before 10am if you wish.   To access BPOINT go to:

Please ensure that you check the invoice amount carefully and pay the dollar and cent value accurately.

Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

The school office will no longer be able to accept credit card payments over the phone.  Instead, you will be required to phone a secure payment portal (BPoint IVR) to make payments to the school.  The phone number for BPoint IVR is 1300 631 073 and you will need the CRN (included on all our invoices) and the invoice number to complete the payment.  Details relating to this new facility are included on all of our invoices.  Please note that there is no change to the school accepting EFTPOS or credit card payments over the counter at the office. This change only affects credit card payments made over the phone.

Centrepay and payment plans are now available to families which to use this method of payment - please see the school office for further details.

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Last reviewed 15 April 2019
Last updated 15 April 2019