Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Welcome to this edition of our newsletter. We are now, strangely, in the middle of our term. Term One of 2022 would have to be the most tumultuous and interrupted period of time in my long career. It is a credit to our teachers, students, community and school culture that we have continued to travel along our rigorous improvement agenda with the success that we have. Students have managed to maintain engagement through their dedication to our school values and the trust they have in their teachers to keep them learning in a safe environment. Parents have been compliant with restrictions and co-operative whenever changes have needed to occur because of the partnership we all value, and our teachers have continued to deliver high quality curriculum and pedagogy because of their unwavering dedication to each student in their class. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the level of professionalism and care that our staff have demonstrated over the past fortnight, in particular during the weather events last week. While many staff were still dealing with their own impacted properties, upon opening, all were back, ready to support students. On Friday, when we called for volunteers to supervise students of essential workers and those who are vulnerable, all local teachers contacted me to say they were available and many more than those rostered on came on site to assist. Our teachers do this because of the care they have for our students and the relationships they build with the children in their class.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of the office staff during the last fortnight. As the weather moved in and it was clear that conditions were serious, they reprioritised their roles and work schedules to manage the chaos that was unfolding. Attending to phone enquiries, signing students out safely, keeping track of road closures and changing weather conditions and reassuring anxious parents and community members simultaneously is no mean feat but the amazing team that we have worked like a well-oiled machine.

The investment of our staff in our students, our parents and each other is a significant part of what makes Banksia Beach State School such a special place and something that I appreciate and value greatly. Thank you.


As of March 4, many restrictions have been lifted as we move to normalising Covid19 in our community. The wearing of masks is no longer mandatory, although members of our school community  may still do this if they chose to do so. Events such as parades, excursions and camps can now occur once again and parents are welcome back onsite. We have commenced our volunteer program, however participants in this must have proof of double vaccination.

We still ask that social distancing protocols be observed wherever possible and please remain outside classrooms until invited in by the teacher. It is also important that students remain at home if unwell and if students become ill at school, they are picked up as soon as possible. If a student displays any symptoms of Covid19 they are to be provided with a rapid antigen test to be undertaken at home.


The instalment of the first stage of our new buildings is well and truly underway with students to be in these new rooms by the end of this term. Work will then progress to the demolition and replacement of the next stage of buildings. As this will mean the temporary relocation of some classes, students may have a room change for a short period of time. Please keep up to date with this through newsflashes and class messages on seesaw.


Last Tuesday, Banksia Beach State School hosted the Collaborative Assessment of Student Work cluster meeting. This involved a significant number of curriculum and leadership teams visiting our school and provided us with the opportunity to showcase the high-quality work carried out in the planning and implementation of our curriculum. The visitors were very impressed with the work we are doing at Banksia Beach and many went away with strategies to try in their settings. Visitors were also impressed with our high standard of student behaviour and the confident courtesy our students display. We will continue to attend these meetings throughout this semester to ensure a sharp and narrow focus on student improvement and achievement.


It is with great pleasure that I welcome our new school Chaplain, Caitlin Olsen, or Chappy Caitlin. Chappy Caitlin will be at Banksia Beach State School every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for this term and for three days a week until the end of 2022. Welcome Caitlin!

I wish everyone well as we resume some normality for the second half of this term.

Mrs Heidi Haydon

Acting Principal​

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Last reviewed 16 March 2022
Last updated 16 March 2022