16 February 2023

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

School AIP and Strategic Plan

Our Annual Improvement Plan (AIP) for 2023 has been developed and endorsed by myself, the P&C and our Assistant Regional Director. Our two improvement priorities for 2023 are:

1. Improving Student Achievement through Quality Enactment of the Australian Curriculum with a focus on English and Maths for all Students.

2. Improving the Engagement, Behaviour Outcomes and Wellbeing of all Students.

At Banksia we have made great progress already over the years in these areas and our work this year is improving and finetuning the strategies that we know are working well. There will also be some review and refinement of strategies and ways of working that may not be getting the best results possible for some of our students. Our AIP will be accessible from our school website shortly.

We have also completed the development of our 4 Year Strategic Plan that was developed after our Full School Review that occurred late in Term 2 2022. The Strategic Plan outlies when the recommendations from the review will be implemented over the next 4 years.

I would like to thank the members of the school community that made themselves available to the reviewers to contribute to the findings and recommendations.  

District Sports Trials

It has been great to see the amount of interest the students of Banksia have shown in nominating for the district trials held so far this year. Thank you to Mr MacArthur and Mr Fern for coming up to the Year 5/6 eating area every break to remind students to get their forms in and on time.

School Parking When using the Stop Drop and Go area please note that it is not an area to park and wait for your child. If you are early to pick up your child please use the carpark as parking in the designated Stop Drop and Go area is not permitted. I have included below an explanation of the signs that are down in the Stop Drop and Go area.


No Parking (Set Down Area) - A driver must not stop on a length of road where a No Parking Sign applies unless to drop off or pick up passengers, and does not leave the vehicle unattended. The maximum time limit to stop in a No Parking Zone is 2 Minutes.

Please also note that the Carpark at the front of the school is a Car Park Only. Please do not use this area as drop off zone as it makes traffic back up and other parents aren’t able to park their cars. It is also very unsafe for students as cars are travelling through the carpark at the same time.

Please follow the signs and use the Carparks as they are intended as this will make our Stop Drop and Go and Carpark areas safer for you and your child.

New Digital Sign

We were excited to have our new Digital Sign switched on yesterday. We would like to thank the Banksia Beach State School P&C for donating funds to assist in the purchase of this sign. We look forward to sharing information with our School Community via our new platform.

Communication with Teachers

At Banksia we value open lines of communication between home and school through phone, email and the seesaw application. Teachers may also be available for a quick hello and catch up before and after school, but if you would like to secure a set amount of time to meet with a teacher it would be best to arrange a mutually suitable time.

If you are emailing or sending your class teacher a message, please be aware that we have advised teachers to not reply after 5.00pm and before 8.00am on weekdays and not to respond on weekends. This is to ensure that our Teachers can maintain a positive work/life balance and spend quality time with their families.

Teachers are also unable to respond to messages or email during teaching time as their attention is on providing engaging learning experiences for the entire class. If you require to get a message to your child throughout the day eg. Change of afternoon routine, please contact the school office directly on 3408 5333.

If you are collecting your child early, please come to the office to collect an early departure slip to take to the classroom. If your child is arriving late, please also sign them in through the office.

If you have any questions please contact our office.

Stuart Bell


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Last reviewed 17 February 2023
Last updated 17 February 2023