Mr Martin Leach

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Readers Cup

Good luck to our students who are headed off to the State Final of the Readers Cup tonight.  The team consists of Emily Keiler, Logan Parsonage, Madison Smith, Ginger Von Graz and Charli Wilkinson.  They will be supported by Mr Ben Hawthorne and Mr Jay Wilson. Readers Cup competition challenges students to read widely, work collaboratively in a team and continue developing a love of reading. In this competition students will answer questions based on what they have read in a trivia style arena.  A very exciting night and we wish them well.


There will be a few changes in the leadership team over the next few weeks for you to be aware of.

I will be taking a total of nine days of long service leave before and after the September holidays and Ms Heidi Weaver will be Acting Principal over this period.

Miss Kieryn McIlveen will return part time from maternity leave on September 16 and will take over the leadership of the Yr 2/3 Sector whilst Ms Weaver is Acting Principal. When I return from leave in week two of next term Ms Weaver will return to leading the Year 2/3 Sector and Miss McIlveen will lead the Year 4-6 Sector with Mr Jay Wilson. Miss McIlvenn will be Year 4-6 Deputy Principal (DP) Monday-Wednesday and Mr Wilson DP on Thursday and Friday. On Monday-Wednesday Mr Wilson will work in a teaching support role in Yr 2 and Yr 4.

After the holidays Mrs Ellen Mead will also return from Maternity leave and will take over the leadership of the Prep/Yr One Sector from Mrs Sandy Hobson who has done a wonderful job as Acting DP throughout the year. Mrs Hobson will move into a Head of Special Education role for one day a week and also take over the support teacher literacy numeracy (STLN) role when Mrs Rebecca Sholte goes on maternity leave next Term.

We are all very excited to be welcoming back Miss McIlveen and Mrs Mead from their maternity leave and very appreciative of the quality work of Mrs Hobson and Mr Wilson in their absence.

Parent Teacher Interviews

As we approach the end of Term three I’d like to encourage parents and carers to make contact with class teachers to negotiate a time for a parent teacher interview about student progress during the first half of the second semester. Teachers will be looking to have these meetings anytime between now and the end of this term.

School Support Staff and Teacher Aide Appreciation Week

Last week was School Support Staff Appreciation Week in recognition of the great work that our groundsmen, cleaners and office staff do at our school. Our recent Education Queensland Audit saw us receiving the highest rating for the way our office, finances and workplace health and safety are run and our grounds are always beautifully presented. 

This week is Teacher Aide Appreciation Week in recognition for the great work that our many teacher aides do with our students each and every day. Our teacher aides deliver quite sophisticated intervention programs with our students and maintain productive relationships built upon treating all students with kindness and respect.

Naplan 2019

Students in Year 3 and 5 sat their NAPLAN literacy and numeracy tests back in May of this year. The individual student reports were sent home with the children last week.  The reports come with information about how to interpret the results but parents should feel free to contact class teachers if they have any questions.

As a whole school Banksia Beach maintained its high standards with very solid results. In Year Three Reading over 51% of students performed in the upper two bands and in Year Five Reading our mean of 516 was the highest result Banksia has achieved. Year Five results were improved in every area from 2018, which is a good outcome.  

Writing has been an area we have focused on improving.  In Yr 3 Writing our mean has improved from last year’s 395 to 412 and in Yr 5 from 447 to 468 which was pleasing.

Another aspect which was very significant is that over 99% of our students participated in the 2019 Naplan tests. Not all schools have this level of participation. 

A thorough analysis of our results by staff will ensure that we learn as much as possible to inform teaching and learning processes moving forward.

Chinese Study Tour Group

Last week we said farewell to our 21 International students from the Amway Training Institute in China. The students had a wonderful experience interacting with our students in the normal class settings, in Robotics lessons with Mr Hobson, and with specialist English lessons with Mr Briggs. This was an extremely worthwhile experience for our students as well.  

Banksia Beach State School was extremely proud to work together with Education Queensland International to provide the opportunity for the Amway students to foster their sense of global citizenship whilst developing their English language skills and having the chance to become a part of our school community.

I’d like to again recognise the generosity of our home stay families that welcomed our visitors into their homes.  I’d also like to thank Martin O’Callaghan and Shaye Lawrence for their excellent leadership and management of the program international student program.


Martin Leach


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Last reviewed 06 September 2019
Last updated 06 September 2019