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Camps and excursions


Occasionally, educational excursions are planned for the purpose of studying some aspect of the educational program at first hand. Such excursions are valued educational experiences and when undertaken, provide children with valuable educational outcomes. Parents will be given as much notice as possible and prices will be kept to aminimum. Parent permission is always required.

Year 5 Camp

Each year the Year 5 students are involved in a school camp which focuses on leadership skills, team work and risk ​taking in a safe and supportive learning environment. These skills are vital for the children as they enter Year 6 and take on leadership roles such as school captains and Sports house captains.  The camp is held at Mt Tamborine.

Year 6 Camp

The Year 6 Camp was instituted to address the need for children of this age group to feel at ease about providing positive leadership for other children and in assuming leadership positions.

It is expected that as a result of attending this camp, children will have

  • developed communication skills

  • identified personal strengths and competencies

  • set goals for themselves

  • developed leadership skills

  • formed and enhanced friendships

  • worked within a team (and developed co-operation, trust and respect)

  • resolved conflicts in a fair manner

  • learned a little about group dynamics and developed decision making skills

The camp is held at Mapleton.​