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Principal's Report

​Dear Parents,

Welcome to Banksia Beach State School’s first newsletter.

It is delightful walking around our school to see such a high level of engagement in every room.

Thank you to our grounds staff, cleaners and admin staff for having our school so attractive and ready for 2016.  Thank you also to our teaching staff for presenting such engaging rooms. 

We currently have the majority of our rooms air conditioned and our goal is to have all rooms air conditioned.  We know that productivity in classrooms decreases after rooms reach 28 degrees.  During this very hot time we have been very creative in the use of our spaces and I thank our staff for their flexibility ensuring all children were in air conditioning on the hottest of days.  We also decided to restrict play areas and to open rooms during lunch times to ensure children were protected from the heat.

Parent Teacher Nights 
In week 4 we are holding our Parent Information Evenings.  These are not individual meetings, but a short meeting to let you know what the year has in store for your child.  The sessions will commence in the hall before moving to individual classes. 

Monday, 15 February 5.00pm Prep, 5.30pm Year 1, 6.00pm Year 2, 6.30pm Year 3
Wednesday, 17 February 5.00pm Year 4, 5.30pm Year 5, 6.00pm Year 6 

Last year we had an amazing year with such very high achievements which we celebrated on our Spirit of Banksia night.  I wanted to revisit and redefine what I believe the Banksia Spirit is.

So what is Banksia’s spirit?  What does it look like if you have it?  What makes us special?  Most importantly how can we continue it this year? 

First we need to understand spirit.  Spirit is definitely something that is individual.  It is, according to the dictionary, “an attitude or principle that inspires, animates or pervades thought, feeling or action”.  So it is something that makes you think differently, feel differently and act differently.  The spirit of Banksia cannot, however, be just individual; it has to be about something that we share, something that we do collectively, something that binds us together.  So while, it is about how we think, feel and act as individuals, Banksia spirit is about how we think, feel and act because we are here.  It is much more than running up and down Suncorp and the Gabba supporting our students to win two State Championships.  It is much more than sitting in any of the performance venues and listening to our students playing music at a senior secondary standard.  It is knowing that it is deeper and more important than that.

It is about what we choose to do as individuals because we subscribe to a set of values Pride, Unity, Respect, Excellence, and what we do for and with each other.  It is the pride we show that we are part of something special.  It is the difference we make and the determination we show.  We need to be the best we can be and be proud of that. Then we truly demonstrate Banksia spirit.

I look forward to celebrating with our community the many times Banksia students unite with Banksia staff and Banksia families to demonstrate the Banksia Spirit.

This year on our Pupil Free Days we also looked at some interesting work by Simon Sinek about the “why” some companies achieve amazing results. Then as a staff we explored Banksia’s why.  We believe the following two statements sum up our why.

Think Beyond: Beyond what you know, beyond what you have learnt, beyond what you are.

To make a difference, no matter how small to any child’s life – academic, socially or in any area.

This is what our commitment is to you and your family.  As a family I ask you to commit to our why and to work positively with us to ensure your child achieves the very best outcomes possible.

Have a great week!
Mrs Jacqui King