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Nationally Consistent Collection of Data

​Collecting data on school students with disability helps teachers, principals and education authorities support the participation of students with disability in schooling on the same basis as students without disability.

All Australian Governments have agreed to work together on the annual collection of data on school students with disability.

All Australian schools participate in this annual data collection.

The data provided to the Australian Government is aggregated data only. Please be reassured that the Department will not provide on to another organisation any data that can identify an individual student. The only data being collected at the school level to be reported nationally is the:
Number of students in the school who are provided with an adjustment to address a disability, 
Level of adjustments we provide for those students and
Broad category of disability (Physical, Cognitive, Sensory and Social/Emotional).

This data collection includes students with a verified disability as well as students who receive support for learning disabilities, medical concerns, social and emotional reasons. 

Consultation with parents is important not only for the data collection but also to ensure you are aware of the adjustments being provided to support your child.  We will therefore continue to consult with you. 

While only data that cannot identify your child will be submitted outside of the Department, if you so not wish for your child’s details to be included, please advise the school.   

Information and fact sheets are available to help you make a decision from the: 
Department’s website:
Australian Government Department of Education website:
Alternatively, if you have any queries about the collection or use of this data I encourage you to contact Acting Head of Special Education Services, Kassie Pallentine,  directly on